Sunday School Classes + Locations

We offer many classes. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll grow in knowledge and understanding by attending.
Classes run from 9:45am – 10:30am – Between the 8:30 & 10:45 worship services. Childcare is available.


Teacher: Pastor James Wells
Location: TBA
This class is offered twice a year 6 weeks at a time introducing you to our church history, founders, and doctrine, explained by our pastor. It is a great opportunity to get to know him, and for him to get to know you.

Ladies Fellowship
Teacher: Pastor Julie Wells
Asst. Teachers: Joanie Hudson, Patti Smith
Location: Room 3 – Building B
This class is for single and married women of all ages.
If you enjoy Julie’s preaching you will love her teaching. The Lord’s anointing fills the room as Julie  brings the Bible to life through a faith-based curriculum.

Higher Places Deeper Dimensions
Teachers: David and Lana Heady
Location: Room 4 – Building B
Dave and Lana have been teaching Sunday school for 25 years. They spent several years studying under Bro. Van & Pastor Rick. Dave loves researching and the study of God’s Word. Lana loves people and excels in making the class feel

Women of the Word
Teachers: Paula Fleming
Location: Room 3 – Building A
Women of all ages are welcome in this class that digs into the Word of God using a discussion format.

Christian Endeavor
Teachers: Mark Wilson & Don Taylor
Location: Room 12 – Building B (Flener Fireside Room)
This class is interesting for any age group. Charlie, Don & pastor Rick are seasoned teachers who present the word in such a way it comes alive! At times, thought provoking and soul-searching discussion will take place among class members. Be prepared to really dive into God’s Word in this exciting class.

Biblical Truths
Teachers: Ron Vaughn and Ruth Jewell
Location: Room 1 – Building B
(This class is open to adults of all ages )
End times prophecy, Tabernacle, Temple, Archeology, and current events associated with the end times. Understanding dreams and visions. Faith, books of the Bible, the name of Jesus, and Christian maturity, and positive subjects for everyday life, that encourage Christian maturity.

Ron has been married since 1973. He & Diane have 1 son, and 3 grandchildren. He has attended The Cathedral since 1970, and his spiritual gifts are teaching and prophecy. He has been to Russia & Romania 6 times.

Couples Class
Teacher: Amy & Carey Higgs
Asst. Teachers: Willie & Donna Curry, Mike & Melissa Short, Greg & Connie Wedding
Location: Room 2 – Building B
Bible teaching and religious instruction to apply to your every day life is the key focus of this class. Join us for an enlightening & fun time with other couples. A variety of teachers presenting God’s word s this class extra exciting!

Hagah (A Study of God’s Word)
Teacher: Pastor James Wells

Location: Room 16 – Building A

This is a great class for all ages which journeys through the Bible with open discussions.

Children / Teens

Director: Kristina Stasi
Location: in rooms 17-20; Building B

Tot Squad (2-3 Year Olds)
Teacher: Lindsey Miller
Location: Room 21 – Building B

God’s Little Angels 
Teacher: Angela Childers
Location: Room 8 – Building B

Teacher: Gwen Walker
Location: Room 9 – Building B

4th and 5th Grade
Teachers: John and Labreska Will
Location: The Whale Room – Bible Adventure Land – Building C

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade
Teachers: Seth & Alyssa Hollander
Location: Bible Adventure land – Floor 2 – Building C

High School Students
Teachers: Gary & Jan Smith
Location: Room 5 – Building B
This age group learns how topics in the Bible relate to their everyday lives and how to grow to become responsible mature adults

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